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Ulun Danu Batur Temple Kintamani Bali | Besakih Temple 

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Ulun Danu Batur Temple Kintamani Bali

Originally, Ulun Danu Batur Temple Kintamani Bali was located at the foot of Mount Batur. Due to the violent eruption of Mount Batur in 1926, the temple was re-built and moved along with the villagers to the highest rim where it stands today. All was destroyed except for the most important shrine dedicated to the Goddess of Lake and Rivers, Dewi Ulun Danu.

Pura Ulun Danu Batur is the second most important temple complex after Besakih – mother temple in Bali, which consists of 285 shrines and pavilions. On the far left inside the courtyard stood a red-domination shrine – dedicated to the patron saint of commerce and administrator of the Gods – a living proof of cultural harmony between the Balinese Hindus and the Chinese Buddhists.

From the location you can also enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Batur. Dewi Ulun Danu worshipped here represents wealth as she takes control of waters in Bali; the reason why people mostly come here for business purpose and why the ‘subak’ (irrigation society) who maintain the temple.

The festival of Pura Ulun Danu Batur takes place every 10th full moon according to the Balinese Çaka moon calendar. This day usually falls in the month of March but sometimes in April.

Pura Dalem Balingkang

The current location in Pinggan Village once was Balingkang Palace of Sri Jaya Pangus. Balingkang derived from Bali + Kang, meaning King of Bali. The temple has mixed stories of its origin. But all relates to the intercultural marriage of the King and a Chinese lady – Tang Ci Keng (or Kang Ci Wi).

A very sacred megalith positioned inside a shrine later developed as male and female ‘Barong Landung’ is said to be the form of the King and his wife. It is where the story of Barong Landung Dance performed all over Bali today came from.

The shrine with a big Chinese coin on its front – the two-side coin is used today by the Balinese as a ritual coin as on one of its side is the symbol of God of the Hindus – is located on the extreme north-east corner of the outer courtyard and believed to bring fortune.

The temple location is quite remote, on the north of Lake Batur, about 15-20 km from Penulisan Temple and very unique, surrounded by Melilit River, once was the main fort for the Palace. The structure was made in order to avoid attacks from other Kings.

The temple has a stunning view and the ancient Balinese temples’ structure can be found in this place, which is quite rare today.

Pura Bukit Mentik

The name was created due to its function: a temple to grow the hill into a lush-green hill. The concept of worshipping God as creator of the earth as source of water and conceptor of religion has been visualized sacredly here in Pura (or Temple) Bukit Mentik. It is situated in Mount Lebah.

Mount Batur used to be called Mount Lebah, somehow the villagers around still keep the name in reference to the temple, now referred to as ‘the Lucky Temple’. The main temple has a distinctive style : made of hollow black lava rock, shaped just like a tiny Balinese compound house.

On its right, stood a Bali-China assimilated shrine, a typical style found in Kintamani temples. The temple is ornamented with 5 huge-hundreds of year’s old-trees which stood amazingly untouched even though the volcano erupted in 1974.

The lava serves as background of the temple with hilly rock surrounds. To get here takes up 1 ½ hours walk downhill from Ulun Danu Batur Temple. And the festival takes place during the full moon of Kesanga Balinese calendar.

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